The West Bengal Primary Board recently made a crucial announcement regarding the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) for primary school teacher recruitment. In a bid to address the persistent vacancies in this sector, the board revealed that TET will now be conducted annually. This decision comes as the state government’s proactive effort to ensure that all primary school teaching positions are filled promptly.

TET 2023 Scheduled for December 10

The board’s president, Goutam Pal, officially confirmed that the upcoming TET for the year 2023 is scheduled to take place on December 10th. This announcement marks a significant shift from the previous pattern where TET exams were conducted with longer gaps between them. For example, TET 2022 was held after a hiatus of five years.

Pal explained that the board, in collaboration with the government, intends to conduct TET recruitment exams twice a year to expedite the process of filling existing vacancies in primary school teacher positions. By doing so, they aim to ensure that fresh recruitment advertisements can be issued promptly, thereby reducing the time candidates spend in anticipation of job opportunities.

Addressing Concerns of TET-Qualified Candidates

One of the pressing issues raised in light of this announcement pertains to candidates who have cleared the TET but have not yet secured jobs. Goutam Pal clarified, “Passing the TET does not automatically guarantee immediate job placement. There is a structured recruitment process in place, and it involves several steps.”

It’s important for candidates to understand that clearing the TET is just one part of the journey towards securing a teaching position in primary schools. The recruitment process encompasses various stages, including interviews and document verification, which candidates must successfully navigate to secure a teaching role.

Long-standing Sit-in by TET-Qualified Candidates

Despite the clarification provided by the West Bengal Primary Board, there has been an ongoing protest by several thousands of TET-qualified candidates who have not yet secured jobs. These candidates have been engaged in an indefinite sit-in protest in the city for over a year, seeking immediate job placements.

While the concerns of these candidates are understandable, it’s essential to recognize that the board and the government are taking measures to expedite the recruitment process. The transition to conducting TET exams annually is a step in this direction, aimed at reducing the time gap between exams and job placements.

In conclusion, the West Bengal Primary Board’s decision to conduct the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) annually is a significant development in the recruitment process for primary school teachers. It reflects the government’s commitment to addressing vacancies promptly and providing more opportunities for aspiring teachers. Candidates who have cleared the TET should be prepared for the comprehensive recruitment process that goes beyond the examination and includes interviews and document verification.

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