The Odisha Teacher Strike: Affecting Millions of Students

On Wednesday, an estimated 1.30 lakh teachers from more than 56,000 primary and upper primary schools in Odisha went on strike in protest of the state’s contractual appointment system, grade pay hikes from Rs 2,200 to Rs 4,200, and the reinstatement of the old pension system. Over 40 lakh children of state-run schools have been kept away from their schools as a result of the teachers’ indefinite strike, which has lasted six days straight. Several schools and their students have suffered significantly as a result of the protest.

The Teachers’ Demands

The majority of schools were shut, although one or two teachers led classes in others. Despite the Odisha government’s request that they call off their strike, the teachers grouped under the banner of the All Utkal Primary Teachers’ Federation (AUPTF) started a protest on September 8 in order to get their demands met. Beginning on September 14, the teachers concurred to go on mass leave.

According to a PTI report, the aggrieved teachers took a collective leave of absence and protested outside the block education officers’ offices after the government did little to address their requests. A teacher leader expressed concerns and stated that instead of investigating the issues raised, the government has formed a subcommittee when an inter-ministerial panel has already been formed. He further claimed that the subcommittee was constituted solely to slow down the process.

Political Support for Teachers

Teachers’ demands were supported by BJP and Congress leaders, who also criticised the state administration for failing to take action on their concerns. The administration has not addressed the teachers’ grievances despite a period of six days. The whole education system in Odisha has essentially crumbled due to the state government’s lethargy, state BJP spokesman Anil Biswal told PTI.

Arabinda Dhali, a BJD MLA, on the other hand, asserted that the state administration will unquestionably consider their sincere requests. — with PTI inputs

Impact on Students

The strike has had a profound impact on the education system in Odisha. With millions of students out of school, their academic progress has been severely disrupted. Parents are growing increasingly concerned about the future of their children’s education. The longer the strike continues, the more significant the consequences for the students.

Government’s Response

The Odisha government’s response to the strike has been met with criticism. Teachers and their supporters argue that the government has been slow to address their legitimate concerns. The formation of a subcommittee instead of addressing the issues directly has only added to their frustration. Students and parents are hoping for a swift resolution to the strike to minimize the disruption to the academic calendar.


The ongoing teacher strike in Odisha has disrupted the lives of millions of students and raised questions about the state’s education system. While the government has made some efforts to engage with the striking teachers, a resolution has yet to be reached. The future of Odisha’s education system hangs in the balance as both sides remain steadfast in their positions. It is imperative for all stakeholders to come together and find a solution that prioritizes the education and well-being of the state’s students.

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