PM Modi Announces Central Tribal University in Telangana and More

Ahead of the Telangana Assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday made significant announcements that will have a profound impact on the region’s development. In this article, we’ll delve into the key highlights of his announcements and their potential implications for Telangana.

Central Tribal University in Telangana

One of the major announcements made by Prime Minister Modi is the establishment of a Central Tribal University in Telangana. This initiative fulfills a long-standing assurance mentioned in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act. The university will be located in Mulugu District and will be named after tribal goddesses “Samakka and Sarakka.” The Central government has allocated a substantial budget of Rs 900 crore for this project, reflecting its commitment to the welfare and education of tribal communities.

National Turmeric Board

Another noteworthy development is the creation of a National Turmeric Board, aimed at supporting turmeric farmers in Telangana and the entire country. Prime Minister Modi emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to the turmeric value chain, encompassing production, export, and research. The board will play a crucial role in facilitating the supply chain, from value addition to infrastructure improvements, benefitting farmers and boosting the turmeric industry.

Challenges and Controversies

While these announcements are undoubtedly significant for Telangana’s development, there have been challenges and controversies surrounding them. The location of the proposed National Turmeric Board has not been clarified, raising questions about its implementation. Additionally, the establishment of a turmeric board has been a contentious issue between the ruling BRS government and the BJP.

During the election campaign, the failure to fulfill the promise of setting up a turmeric board became a focal point, with Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s daughter, K Kavitha, losing to the BJP’s D Arvind in 2019. Arvind pointed out the unfulfilled promise and assured that it would be established in Nizamabad. These political dynamics add complexity to the initiatives.

Infrastructure Development

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Telangana also marked the foundation laying and inauguration of several crucial infrastructure projects, amounting to over Rs 13,500 crore in investment. These projects are expected to significantly boost connectivity and development in the region.

Infrastructure Projects Inaugurated and Laid
Project Investment (Approx.)
Nagpur-Vijayawada Economic Corridor (Warangal to Khammam section) Rs 6,400 crore
Suryapet to Khammam section of NH-365BB Rs 2,460 crore
Jaklair–Krishna New Railway Line (37 km) Rs 500 crore
Hassan-Cherlapalli LPG Pipeline Rs 2,170 crore
Bharat Petroleum Petroleum Pipeline (Krishnapatnam to Hyderabad) Rs 1,940 crore

The projects include key road developments as part of the Nagpur-Vijayawada Economic Corridor, a new railway line section in Narayanpet district, and vital LPG and petroleum pipelines. These investments are expected to enhance transportation, connectivity, and economic growth in the region.

Education and Connectivity

In addition to infrastructure projects, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated five new buildings at Hyderabad University, reinforcing the importance of education in the region’s development. These include the School of Economics, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Management Studies, Lecture Hall Complex – III, and Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication (Annexe).

Furthermore, the launch of the Hyderabad (Kacheguda)-Raichur-Hyderabad (Kacheguda) train service will improve connectivity between Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar, Narayanpet districts in Telangana, and Raichur district in Karnataka.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcements and initiatives in Telangana hold the promise of significant development in the region. The establishment of a Central Tribal University, a National Turmeric Board, and substantial infrastructure investments are poised to transform Telangana’s socio-economic landscape. However, addressing challenges and ensuring the effective implementation of these projects will be key to realizing their full potential.

As Telangana prepares for the Assembly polls, these developments are likely to shape the political discourse and the future trajectory of the state.

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