Nagaland has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the second state in India, following Andhra Pradesh, to introduce the “Teach Tool.” This standardized classroom observation instrument, developed by the World Bank, is poised to revolutionize teaching practices and elevate the quality of education within the state’s classrooms.

This pioneering initiative is a vital component of the New Education Policy, known as The Lighthouse (NECTAR) Project. Leadership for Equity (LFE) is the technical agency lending support to the Nagaland School Education Department and the World Bank in the implementation of the ‘Teach Tool.’

The ‘Teach Tool’ serves as a critical diagnostic tool, offering a comprehensive insight into current teaching methods and the overall quality of education in Nagaland’s schools. It aims to enhance teacher professional development by providing data-driven insights.

Training for Master Trainers

A crucial aspect of this initiative is the 10-day training program for master trainers, also known as Trainers of Teachers (ToTs). This training commenced on September 13 at the Mount Tabor Retreat Centre in Kohima. The primary objective of this program is to build internal capacity for monitoring teacher-student interactions in the classroom.

Approximately 400-500 observers from all 16 districts of Nagaland will undergo training in using the ‘Teach Tool.’ These trained observers will, in turn, mentor other educators in the state in the coming years. This cascading effect is expected to have a substantial impact on Teacher Professional Development (TPD) practices.

Improving Education Quality

The implementation of the ‘Teach Tool’ is part of a broader strategy under the New Education Policy – The Lighthouse (NECTAR) to enhance the quality of education, teaching practices, capacity building, and the overall learning environment in government schools across Nagaland.

In a noteworthy achievement, 37 Trainers of Teachers (ToTs) affiliated with various Educational Block Resource Centres (EBRCs) under Samagra Shiksha have successfully completed the certification process. Additionally, three officials from the Nagaland Core Team, consisting of individuals from the Department of School Education (DoSE) and SCERT, along with three from the NECTAR team, have also received certification.

At the valedictory program held on Monday, Commissioner and Secretary of School Education and SCERT, Kevileno Angami, extended her congratulations to the trainees. She urged them to “ignite the flame of quality teaching and learning practices in Nagaland, creating effective and safe learning spaces for our children.”

The introduction of the ‘Teach Tool’ marks a significant stride towards improving the education landscape in Nagaland. It is poised to empower educators with valuable insights and tools to enhance teaching practices and, ultimately, provide a higher quality education to the students of the state.

(This story has not been edited by EducationCenter staff and is published from a syndicated news agency feed – IANS)

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