MBSE Initiates Application Process for Mizoram HSLC Board Exam 2024

The Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE) is all set to kick off the application process for the High School Leaving Certificate Examination 2024. This crucial step in the academic journey of many students in Mizoram will commence on October 1. Here are all the essential details you need to know about applying for this examination.

Application Submission on MBSE Website

To apply for the Mizoram HSLC Board Exam 2024, eligible students must visit the official website of MBSE, which is mbseonline.com. On the website, they can log in using their unique user ID and password. This login process will grant them access to the application submission portal.

The soft copies of the HSLC examination application forms are readily available on the MBSE website at mbse.edu.in. This accessibility ensures that students can conveniently obtain the necessary forms to initiate the application process.

Application Deadline

It’s crucial to adhere to the prescribed timeline for submitting your Mizoram Class 10 exam form. The last date for submitting the application without incurring a late fee is November 24. Missing this registration cutoff means that you still have a chance to apply, but a late fee will be applicable, and the deadline for this is December 1.

Application Fees

Before applying, it’s essential to understand the fee structure for the Mizoram HSLC Board Exam 2024. Here are the details:

Description Fee (in INR)
Examination fee (includes admit card, mark sheet, and certificate for all candidates) Rs 650
Permission fee (for private and unaffiliated School candidates) Rs 250
Permission fee for provisionally affiliated School candidates Rs 120
Practical fee (per subject) – to be submitted to the Board Rs 50
Practical fee (per subject) – to be retained at the Centre Rs 100
Centre fee (to be paid to the Centre) Rs 200
Late Fee (per candidate) Rs 500
Examination fee for Compartmental exam (per subject) Rs 300

Compartmental Exams and Performance Improvement

Students seeking the opportunity to appear for Compartmental exams or aiming for performance improvement must submit their application forms through the offline mode at the MBSE Office located in Chaltlang, Aizawl.

Private candidates who wish to retain their previous practical marks must provide an attested photocopy of their mark sheet to the examiner during the practical examination. The examiner will then record their marks on the mark slips, along with those of other candidates.

Subsequently, all mark slips, including those of candidates preserving their previous practical marks, should be submitted to the board, along with other required documents such as practical answer books and photocopies of mark sheets.

Regular candidates, including repeaters, are not permitted to retain their practical and internal marks.

Internal Assessment and Grades Submission

It’s essential to note that the marks obtained by students in Internal Assessment (all subjects) and grades awarded in subjects like Work Experience, Art Education, Physical and Health Education must be submitted through the MBSE online portal. Specific details regarding this submission process will be notified later.

In conclusion, the Mizoram HSLC Board Exam 2024 is an important milestone for many students in Mizoram. By following the application process and fee structure outlined above, you can ensure a smooth and successful registration process for this significant examination.

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