Nipah Virus Scare In Kerala

On September 15, another person in Kerala’s Kozhikode city tested positive for the Nipah Virus. This brings the total number of infected people in the state to 6, four of whom are active cases, and the other two have died. The virus has infected Kerala for the fourth time, and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has requested 20 more doses of the antibody vaccination from Australia. It has also been stated that the virus’s mortality rate among infected people is exceptionally high (between 40 per cent and 70 per cent) compared to the COVID mortality rate of 2 per cent to 3 per cent.

Teachers In Odisha On Mass Strike

On September 13, an estimated 1.30 lakh teachers from over 56,000 primary and upper primary schools in Odisha went on strike in protest of the state’s contractual appointment system, raises in grade pay from Rs 2,200 to Rs 4,200, and the reintroduction of the previous pension system. The teachers’ indefinite strike, which has lasted six days, has kept almost 40 lakh students from attending state-run schools. As a result of the protest, several schools and their students have suffered greatly. Despite the Odisha government’s appeal that they end their strike, teachers united under the umbrella of the All Utkal Primary Teachers’ Federation (AUPTF) began a demonstration on September 8 in order to get their demands addressed.

India-UK FTA Talks

As per a senior official, talks on the planned free trade agreement between India and the United Kingdom are progressing and there is “good progress” on matters such as rules of origin as well as Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT). “Many things are moving very fast. Like rules of origin and bilateral investment treaty, there is a good progress. Negotiations are happening… Towards the end of the deal, it is the difficult issues which are to be closed and therefore it requires more time and more deliberations,” Sunil Barthwal, Commerce Secretary told reporters recently.

IRS Officer Rahul Navin Appointed As ED’s In-charge Director

The government on September 15 selected IRS officer Rahul Navin as the Enforcement Directorate’s in-charge Director, as Sanjay Kumar Mishra’s tenure as Director of the ED comes to an end. The Supreme Court ruled in July that the extension of the ED chief was illegal and that Sanjay Mishra could lead the ED until July 31 this year. Mishra’s appointment was later extended by the Supreme Court to September 15, 2023. Mishra received a one-year extension in November 2022. His term as ED Director was set to expire in November of this year.

Centre To Launch National Cooperative Database

India will soon have a centralised database of cooperative societies. This ground-breaking record, the first of its type anywhere in the world, will not only map all cooperative societies and their ecosystems within the country but will also serve as a valuable tool for bridging geographical gaps and discovering untapped areas and sectors ripe for cooperative expansion. Given that India is home to over 8.5 lakh of the 30 lakh cooperative societies worldwide (or more than 25 per cent of the total), a repository like this was desperately needed to keep track of their operations, finances, and membership levels.

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