Kerala Board SSLC and HSC Exam Dates 2024

The Kerala board has officially announced the dates for the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) and Higher Secondary Examination (HSC) for the year 2024. These crucial exams play a significant role in the academic journey of students in Kerala.

SSLC Exam Schedule

The Kerala SSLC exam is scheduled to commence on March 4. Students must be prepared to sit for their SSLC exams from this date onwards. The exam will take place in the morning, starting at 9:30 AM and concluding at 11:15 AM for most subjects. However, for certain subjects, the exam will continue until 12:15 PM. It’s essential for students to note these timings and plan their preparations accordingly.

HSC Exam Schedule

The Higher Secondary Examination (HSC) for Plus One and Plus Two students will begin on March 1. The exam timings for subjects without practicals are from 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM. For subjects with practicals, excluding biology and music, the exams will be conducted between 9:30 AM and 11:45 AM. Students appearing for biology and music exams should be ready to write their papers from 9:30 AM to 11:55 AM. These exams are a critical step in a student’s academic journey, so proper preparation is essential.

Practical Exam Evaluation

The evaluation of practical exams for the Kerala HSE will commence on January 22. This phase is crucial in determining a student’s performance. It’s essential for students to prepare their practicals diligently to achieve the best results.

Model Exams

To help students prepare effectively, the Kerala board has scheduled model exams. Plus Two model exams will be held from February 15 to 21, offering students an opportunity to gauge their readiness for the actual HSC exams. Similarly, SSLC model exams will take place between February 19 and 23. These model exams are a great way for students to assess their knowledge and make necessary improvements before the final exams.

Important Announcements

The Kerala education department has announced that the draft state curriculum framework will be launched on September 21. Additionally, the board has postponed the Plus One improvement exams to October 9 due to concerns related to the Nipah virus. These exams will continue until October 16. It’s crucial for students to stay updated with any further announcements or changes.

It’s worth noting that the state government has taken proactive measures in light of the Nipah virus outbreak. All schools, colleges, and educational institutes in Kerala’s Kozhikode will remain closed until September 24 to contain the spread of the virus. The Kozhikode administration has identified seven village areas as containment zones to control the situation. These areas include Atanchery, Maruthonkara, Tiruvallur, Kuttiyadi, Kayakkodi, Villyapalli, and Kavilumpara.

The Nipah virus can cause mild to severe illness, with severe cases leading to significant brain swelling (encephalitis) and, in some instances, even death. To minimize the risk, local government offices have been instructed by the district collector to operate with minimal staff. Banks, government institutions, schools, and Anganwadis are directed to remain closed temporarily.

Students and parents are encouraged to stay informed about the latest developments related to exams and health advisories in Kerala. Proper preparation and adherence to safety measures are crucial during these challenging times.

For more information and updates, please visit the official website of the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) Kerala.

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