Funds Allocated for Teaching and Learning Materials in MCD Schools

Funds worth more than Rs 4 crore have been released for teaching and learning materials in 1,531 schools of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, as announced by Mayor Shelly Oberoi on Tuesday. This development is a significant milestone, as it marks the first instance of funds being allocated for teaching and learning materials (TLM) in MCD-run schools.

The AAP government has embarked on a mission to transform the education system in MCD schools, with a focus on achieving world-class standards. Simultaneously, they are rapidly enhancing the infrastructure of these schools to provide a holistic learning environment.

Mayor Shelly Oberoi was quoted as saying in a statement, “More than Rs 4 crore has been released for TLMs in 1,531 schools of the MCD.” This financial allocation is a promising step towards improving the educational landscape in Delhi.

Utilization of Funds

The funds released by the AAP-led MCD for teaching and learning materials were disbursed on September 11. These funds are intended to cover various expenses, including stationery items and photocopying of evaluation papers or assignments for students enrolled in the academic session of 2023-24, according to officials.

An official statement clarified, “This amount has been released for 8.16 lakh students studying from class I to V in MCD schools. Funds are allocated to schools based on their student enrollment. Additionally, this allocation includes expenditures related to co-curricular activities conducted on Wednesdays.”

Zonal Deputy Directors of Education (Zonal DDEs) and Assistant Directors of Education (ADEs) will have the authority to access these funds in advance through Zonal Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DCAs) and Accounts Officers (AOs).


The allocation of funds exceeding Rs 4 crore for teaching and learning materials in MCD schools represents a significant step towards enhancing the educational ecosystem in Delhi. It reflects the commitment of the AAP government to provide quality education and improve the overall educational infrastructure in MCD-run schools. This investment is expected to have a positive impact on the academic experience of thousands of students and contribute to the development of a world-class education system in Delhi.


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