Starting and managing a business enterprise presents numerous challenges, but some individuals rise above these obstacles to become successful entrepreneurs. One such remarkable entrepreneur is Ajay Goyal, a graduate of Amity University with a degree in fashion technology. Ajay stumbled upon a unique business idea: bringing together recruiters, campuses, and candidates onto a single platform. His vision was to streamline the hiring process, and he, along with his father, diligently worked on this concept, eventually launching the beta version of the platform called Erekrut. The venture proved to be a success, attracting investors who believed in Ajay’s innovative approach to recruitment.

Today, Erekrut boasts a staggering 3.7 million candidates on its platform, along with partnerships with over 1,400 corporates and 540 universities. Its valuation has soared into the crores of rupees, marking it as a significant player in the recruitment industry.

Ajay Goyal’s educational background includes schooling at the Modern School, Barakhamba Road. His father is involved in the hardware networking business, which may have contributed to Ajay’s entrepreneurial spirit. During his college years, Ajay served as a member of the placement team, gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of the recruitment process. Additionally, he was an active member of the Amity Entrepreneurship Club, where his innovative ideas earned recognition and support. In 2019, one of Ajay’s ideas was selected under the “Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSMEs through the Incubators” scheme, reaffirming the value of his forward-thinking approach.

According to Ajay’s LinkedIn profile, he has been a member of the Amity Entrepreneurship Club since 2018, consistently championing innovation and growth. His journey as an entrepreneur has been marked by several significant milestones.

One of the standout features of Ajay Goyal’s business venture is its advanced resume database. This database provides companies with access to a pool of highly qualified candidates. Prospective candidates are required to undergo an assignment test relevant to their desired job role. The unique aspect of Erekrut’s approach is that candidates receive immediate feedback, determining whether they are selected or not right after completing the test. This efficient process ensures that companies receive the most suitable candidates for their job vacancies through a meticulous filtration process.

Ajay Goyal’s impact on the recruitment landscape is evident in the daily influx of 500-1000 new candidates registering on his platform, with more than 15,000 candidates having participated in the assignment test.

In summary, Ajay Goyal’s journey from a graduate of Amity University to the founder of Erekrut showcases his dedication to simplifying and enhancing the recruitment process. His innovative ideas and commitment to growth have not only earned him recognition but have also transformed the way companies find talent. Erekrut’s advanced resume database and efficient assignment testing make it a valuable resource for both job seekers and employers, solidifying Ajay’s position as a trailblazer in the world of recruitment.

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